Monday, December 05, 2005

soft targets

Those who are under the impression that soft targets are associated only with terrorists are a terribly misinformed lot. Soft targets are those who do not have the power to resist force and violence – usually, the term is used to mean defenseless persons like the aged, the women and children. Also, areas where no one would ever dream of exploding a bomb- like a park.

Soft targets to ordinary persons of my disposition are those goodies that beckon you from the showcases – the sweets that entice you with their heavenly colors, divine flavors and assorted shapes and sizes. Some of them are hard on the exterior but they melt in your mouth. Others are soft, swim in the large bowl of syrup waiting to be gently lifted and transferred to a plate to soothe the yearnings of the palate. Indians love sweets and the variety that is available throughout the country can vie for world records. Each area has its preferences and, even though you get rosogollas in Delhi and Mumbai and Bangalore and Hyderabad, you cannot get the typical spongy feel of the products of Bengal. Similarly for other products that are made out of milk – the procedure to convert milk into delicious mouth watering soft targets enjoy exclusive proprietary rights. As in other fields, copies are no match for the originals.

Another popular soft target is the chocolate – the branded ones are a must when someone by the name of Pappu passes his examinations. These also come in all shapes and sizes from the tiny gems to the really soft centered éclairs to the bar chocolates. During festivities these come gift wrapped in attractive cartons.

The ice creams hold center stage when it comes to soft targets – from small cups to cones to bars and the family packs, there are many options. These have entered marriage venues also and are served as desserts.


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